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Welcome to James Peters' Escape Magic

Welcome to Escape Magic, my home on the web. On the pages here, you will find out a bit about me, and a bit about the art of Escape Magic, or Escapology. I've decided to share a few secrets on these pages. If this offends, please remember that everything I'm sharing is either in the public domain already (available via any good search engine), or are incidentals.


So, who am I? And where do I come from? I was born in 1971, in England. I moved to the US in 1974, and spent a few years learning the language! We eventually took a jolly to Saudi Arabia for a year, and finally ended up in Bahrain, before returning to the UK in 1983/4 (at which time I was 12). I left school before getting my 'A'-levels, and went straight into an IT job.


Whilst on a year out from my career in 1992/3, I was introduced to escapology to help pull in crowds of people for street advertising. It ignited an interest in me, and I really enjoyed learning a few techniques.



After the year was over, I decided that what I really wanted was to get married, so I did. A couple of years later, our first child was born, and my Escape life went on hold! Once the children were a little bit older, I returned to the world of Escapology and began to perform again.


Highlights have included setting the World Record for the greatest number of straitjacket escapes in 8 hours (193), and setting up UK Escape Artists (which I have now handed on to a new chairperson).


I put together this website in around 2002, starting with just a single page. It became more popular as time went on, and I have adapted it on a number of occasions.



The latest updates were added in October 2007, and include the Posey Escape Secret page, and the additional content (paperwork etc) that I used to set the World Record.


Feel free to browse the site, and for those of you in the know, enjoy the members area, too!


If you have any questions, please let me know.


James Peters