Prisoner Sweat Box

James Peters beats the Fenton Cuff (ok, a replica!)

On Saturday 24th April at the Escape Artists Convention in Indianapolis, Indiana, I successfully escaped from an accurate replica of the Fenton Lock Cuff.


The first was the late David De-Val, the second was Ken "Kondini" Dean, whose methods to this day remain a mystery to all.


On my first escape, I successfully slipped my hands in full view of everyone there, nearly breaking my hand in the process.



James Peters wearing the replica Fenton Cuff

Photo 2004 © Joseph W. Lauher


For my second escape, I was locked in the cuff by John Bushey, who retained the key. I went into another room, and successfully opened the lock in 4½ minutes, having defeated the mechanism.


Now, I appreciate that this escape was from a replica of the original, and there have been a number of upset parties / heated discussions about it. I have personally come under fire from a number of areas, which was sad.


I think the most important thing to remember about this is that it was FUN. The event in Indianapolis arranged by Mark and Sheila was excellent! We got to know eachother, and shared some experiences.


Let's remember to keep the Art of Escape Magic a fun art, with all of us working together to ensure that it continues to be developed, and that we want younger people just getting involved reach their full potential.


Enough said on that, I think.