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Posey Strait Jacket Escape Secret Revealed

It has now been quite some time since I've added any pages to this website. I have received many emails about the Posey Strait-Jacket, and how to escape from it. What I have decdied to do is reveal how I discovered I could escape, and how I got better and better at it!


I don't see any of this as secret, though. I'm not revealing a gimmick or a trick, just sharing my experience on how I learnt to escape from it. Other people use different methods, and it's up to them to talk about their methods.


First, I would like to dispell some myths. I do not ever dislocate my shoulder during an escape. If I am careful, it doesn't even hurt. Of course, in escaping, there is always a risk of injury, but it is minimal! In October 2006, I was escaping from an ordinary british strait-jacket, and fell back onto the floor to gain leverage. In doing to, I broke my ribs by landing wrong (yes, the show did go on!!).


So, onto the Posey, and how to escape it. The biggest secret that you need to learn is self-control. If you know you can get out, you can get out. Don't panic - don't strain too hard - don't give up until you're out.

The first time I wore the jacket, I got claustrophobic. I didn't think that I could get out. It scared me.


I spent a couple of hours, and had to be let out. Once I had stopped shaking, I decided to spend some time thinking about how I was being restrained, and what the options were. I asked a number of people for advice, but none of them were forth-coming. It was down to me to figure our the puzzle.


After some serious contemplation, I realised that my control over the strait-jacket was going to be the key. Iwent back in, but this time, took steps to ensure that I had plenty of slack (it wasn't done up too tight!). After a while, I figured out that I could manipulate the buckles once I could reach them. I also discovered that if they were done up, wiggling around would allow the straps to become slacker. Having realised this, I figured out the exact kind of wiggle required to release some of the tension.



Once I had the wiggle sorted, I then made it more and more challenging for me. The straps were done up tighter and tighter, and I adapted my technique over time to figure out how to wiggle in such a way as to release tension on the straps enough that I could then manipulate them through the material.


After a while (months of practice), I was able to get out regardless of how tight the straps were done up, or by whom they were done up. It is interesting that I got into my Posey a couple of weeks ago for a demonstration of an escape. Do you know what happened?? I didn't. I'm now out of practice, and I couldn't get out. Even though I've got the World Record, I can't get out (at least, not in anything resembling under 2 minutres!!).


So, remember ... there is no shortcut. There is only practice, knowing that it is possible. Take your time, and learn to wiggle your way out, regardless of how tough it seems! Final word .... be careful!. Don't hurt yourself, and never practise on your own. Make sure there is someone there to let you out if necessary.